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(BIPV / BAPV)Green building materials

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(BIPV / BAPV)Green building materials

Can you imagine a mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline silicon solar panels can be irregular-shaped and colorful ? The future of PV enterprise, will be true, unique, or even can be gegarded as "artwork." we will take you into a fabulous world with fascinated PV products you'd never imagine, we're going to use pioneering techniques combined with unique ideas to make fanciful dreams become reality, this will bring a huge revolution in PV industry. Crystalline silicon solar panels will jump off the traditional blue, black background color or square, rectangular-shaped , and go into a new random-shaped and colorful new generation! "Crystalline silicon solar panels can have irregular-shaped, curve and colorful", it's no longer a imagination now. we upholds the "environmental protection, innovation, humanity" conception and breakthroughs such limitations.We design a variety of shapes and colorful solar panels. Are you ready Sincerely invite everyone to explore the magnificent and fascinating photovoltaic world  

Marble Painted

Painted wood

Painted Stone